Providing Deeper Value for Clients to Stay Compliant

Buckler’s Cyber Program Management Vision of Policy Matching Across Multiple Regulations Evolves as SEC & FINRA are Added to the System

COLUMBUS, April 15, 2022 – Buckler, a Cyber Program Management System provider is excited to announce the complete addition of both SEC and FINRA regulations to the platform. These regulations follow NYDFS and HIPAA, already integrated. Buckler’s unique policy matching capability across multiple regulations dramatically reduces the number of policies security teams have to manage. The system de-risks compliance for Financial Services enterprises, branches and agencies creating audit-ready environments. Buckler gives CISOs and Security Personnel a new way to visually track, monitor, assign tasks and get alerts for staying ahead of compliance management.

Buckler modules include:

  • Written Information Security Policy
  • Security Incident Response Plan
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Vendor Risk Management

Managing multiple regulations in one place gives teams an advantage and an easier way to assign responsibilities, by role, and also meet critical deadlines with alerts and reminders for security checks and controls.

Clients like Liz Tluchowski, Chief Information & Security Officer Principal at World Insurance Associates, LLC states, “The simplicity and accuracy of Buckler policies are second to none.”

Buckler is compliance-driven. The offering was created by security experts who understand regulatory compliance requirements and the challenges firms have to keep up with in their evolution. The policy efficiency that Buckler brings to clients means that the heavy lifting of sorting and managing policies is already done.