Vendors & Service Providers

An Essential Part of the Cyber Ecosystem

With access to critical systems and data, you are responsible for staying compliant and in alignment with your clients' regulatory requirements.

How Vendors Leverage Buckler

Two Options... Do One or Both


Get Listed in Buckler’s Vendor Directory

Have one location to send your clients to for Vendor Due Diligence. Make it faster and easier for them to assess your cyber compliance.


Use Buckler for your Own Cyber Program

Manage your own cyber program with the same tool your clients use. As their requirements grow, so will your responsibility.

Senior executives are extending their focus beyond risk to include a broader view of third-party management.

Increasing Responsibility

Cyber Compliance Impacts Everyone

Enterprise Policies

Validate that you 
meet cybersecurity regulatory requirements.

3rd-Party Access

Access to private data is a vulnerable area to protect.

Regulatory Compliance

Vendors have to meet the same cyber compliance as clients.

Reputational Risk

Vendors are an extension of the firms they serve. Breaches have a direct impact.

Operational Risk

Safeguards help prevent downtime to protect revenue.

Economic Factors

Pandemic fallout, political cyber threats and advanced attackers continue pressure.

Join the Buckler Vendor Directory

Make it easy for your clients to assess you

At no cost, once a year, upload your assessment documents, fill a short questionnaire, and reduce the burden of answering requests from each of your clients.