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Discover a Simplified Way to Manage Cybersecurity Policies

Buckler gives CISOs and Security Personnel a new way to visually track, monitor, assign tasks and get alerts for staying ahead of compliance management.

Role-Based Policy Management Controls

Buckler's Innovative & Unique Way To Group Policies

Senior Management
Program Controls
Program & Risk Management
Senior Management
Security Officers
Process Controls
Plans, Policies & Procedures
Security Officers
Employees & Affiliates
Acceptable Use Policies
What they can and cannot do 
Employees & Affiliates
IT Team / MSP
Data Controls
User, Private Data, Software & Infrastructure
IT Team / MSP
Cyber Team / MSSP
Technical Controls
Endpoint & Network Security Safeguards & Controls
Cyber Team / MSSP

Implementation of safeguards can reduce legal risk, but also business risk that could arise from loss of the company or advisor's reputation and the confidence of investors following a successful cyberattack.

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Policy Title & Content

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Policy Matches

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Custom Fields

Responsibility & Accountability

Policy Assignment

Buckler Reminds You

Task Frequency & Reminders

Status Flexibility

Policy Status

Proof of Policy Actions

Evidence Logs

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Directory

John J. Cooney, Esq.

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“Buckler enables clients to better track their regulatory obligations.”

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Become Audit-Ready With

Buckler Modules

Written Information Security Policy

Built-in data and technical controls, safeguards and cybersecurity minimum standards

Security Incident Response Plan

Policies and procedures to know exactly what to do when you have a security incident or a breach

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

Plan for what to do when you have a significant business disruption event (pandemic, flood, hurricane, etc.)

Vendor Risk Management

Due diligence of all vendors accessing, storing, or controlling private data


For your Employees & Affiliates

Cyber Awareness Training

A proven educational framework that drives behavior change and real security outcomes.

Phishing Campaigns

A poweful phishing email system to test users and provide automated remedial training.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

A customizable document outlining a set of rules to be signed by your employees.

Why Users Love Bucklers

User Survey Top 3 Reasons


Experience the Difference

Buckler was created by security experts who understand regulatory compliance requirements and the challenges firms have to keep up with their evolution.

Policy Efficiency

Clients rave about the organization Buckler provides to meet multiple regulatory standards within one environment. The heavy lifting of sorting policies is done.

Adapt & Adopt Policies

Reminders & Alerts

Using a calendar, administrators can assign tasks and roles within Buckler based on policy frequency of action to ensure full compliance over time.

Never Miss a Deadline