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4 Security Controls

Buckler's Innovative & Unique Way to Group Policies

Senior Management

1. Program Controls

Program & Risk Management

Senior Management

CISO & Security Officers

2. Process Controls

Plans & Processes: Business Continuity Plan, Security Incident Response Plan, Vendor Management, etc.

CISO & Security Officers

IT Team / MSP

3. Data Controls

User, Private Data, Software & Infrastructure

IT Team / MSP

Cyber Team / MSSP

4. Technical Controls

Endpoint & Network Security Safeguards & Controls

Cyber Team / MSSP

Meet Compliance


Regulation & enterprise templates

Why start from scratch? Adopt and adapt templates to meet requirements from Regulators and Enterprises. If you have your own program, add it to Buckler!


policy ownership & assignment

From CISO to End Users, from IT to Cyber Teams, Buckler offers easy tracking of who owns which policy and who responsible to enforce it. No more confusion!

Peace of Mind

calendar TASKS & reminders

Annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily, track all recurring tasks related to your cybersecurity program and get reminders to never forget them… Be proactive!

reduced risk

compliance & audit readiness

With Buckler, you are always prepared and ready for an audit from Regulators, Authorities or Enterprises. Welcome audits!

reduced risk

third-party / vendor management

List and manage your vendors, tag which access private information, determine their risk level and document how secure and compliant they are.


Evidence Logs & Forms

Pre-built forms and logs allow to document events and activities related to your Cybersecurity Program. These are the required evidence to demonstrate compliance.


Policy Autopsy

More to it than just a Paragraph...

Policy Form