Terms of Service

Last updated: April 3, 2024

Thank you and welcome to Buckler! We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed with us. The following Terms of Service (TOS) help to define our commitment to you.

“Buckler”, “we”, “our”, or “us”, refers to Buckler, LLC.
“Services”, refers to any products or services created and maintained by Buckler, LLC.
“You” or “your”, refers to the people and/or organization that subscribes to Buckler services.
“Content” refers to the information that you have added to Buckler, it may also include the information that may be created and/or added to your Buckler compliance system/policy as a result of your use of Buckler.

Buckler is a Software as a Service (SaaS), NIST-Based Program Compliance Management System. Buckler provides a secure, cloud-based framework to track and help evidence your compliance with regulatory entities.

Open VRM Freemium
The basic Open VRM module of Buckler is offered at no cost for Vendors and their Clients (1 free User per Firm, additional Users at $19 per User per Month). Over time, Buckler may add optional additional functions to Open VRM users and charge for these.

Plan or Pricing Changes
Buckler is a month-to-month SaaS. At subscription or at any time, you can change to a yearly plan. The yearly plan is paid upfront and is non-reimbursable. Should we institute changes to plans or pricing structure, you will be made aware of such changes in advance. Billing for plan changes will show up on your next invoice or account statement. There is an annual 4% price increase effective January 1st each year. 

Onboarding fees include three 60-minute onboarding calls.

Support is available and billable per hour, at the then-current hourly rate. Re-onboarding calls with new personnel are billable per hour. 

Buckler retail pricing is exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities. SaaS tax laws vary from state-to-state and are changing. As state sales tax regulations change, Buckler will comply with all then current state sales tax laws and where required, we will charge state sales tax in compliance with then current regulations. Where you may not be required to pay sales tax when you sign up with Buckler, you may be charged state sales tax as current or new regulations apply to your or our location. You are responsible for payment of all other taxes, levies, or duties.

Buckler has a no hassle cancellation policy and you can cancel your plan at any time. You don’t need to talk to someone or fill out a questionnaire. Cancellation can be accomplished through the Buckler billing portal. If you need help cancelling your account, you can always contact our Support team.

If you choose to cancel Buckler, access will continue until the end of the current, paid for subscription period. We do not prorate unused time. After the end of the paid subscription period, content will be inaccessible and will be permanently deleted from our system within 10 days. We cannot recover this information once it has been permanently deleted.

Buckler offers an archive option to maintain your Buckler compliance system. This is an annual subscription to maintain your system without access. To access Buckler from the archive, you must renew your Buckler subscription.

Once billed, there are no refunds on any Buckler month-to-month subscription, annual subscription or annual archiving.

Buckler Service and Uptime
Buckler is supported by the use of 3rd party vendors for various services. Where Buckler uses such services, we are committed to using robust, best-of breed vendors whenever possible to ensure continuity of service for our clients. However, we can make no guarantee on behalf of the services provided by 3rd party vendors and bear no responsibility for the performance or failure of said vendors. Buckler’s maximum liability in case of the failure of a 3rd party vendor to provide adequate services shall be limited to a refund equal to the amount of 1 month subscription billing.

We may, from time-to-time, need to limit or close access to Buckler for maintenance or upgrades to our system or product. Unless circumstances prevent, we will notify you in advance and keep such inaccessibility times to minimum.

Security for your account and any passwords is your responsibility. Buckler will not be liable for any damage or losses due to lost or stolen sign-on credentials. You must change your temporary Buckler password as soon as practicable after receiving your sign-on credentials. We highly recommend you turn on the Buckler multi-factor authentication feature.

Buckler does not communicate any of your account information, in any form, with persons not listed on your account. For more information about how we treat your information, please see our “Privacy Policy” at https://buckler.app/privacy-policy/.

Any use of Buckler services, products or the creation of a Buckler account constitutes agreement with our TOS for current products and services as well as changes to Buckler, future products, services and features we may add.

Limitation of Liability
Your use of the Services is at your sole risk. We provide these Services on an “as is” and “as available” basis. You expressly understand and agree that we are not liable for any damages or losses resulting from your use of Buckler.

The content of your Buckler account is controlled exclusively by you and we make no guarantee as to your actual compliance.

Changes to TOS
Our TOS may be updated from time-to-time. We will notify you of significant TOS changes through various means including, but not limited to, email and the Buckler app itself.

Suspension and Termination
We have the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time and for any reason. Suspension of your account will remove your access to Buckler until such time as the issues surrounding your suspension are resolved to the satisfaction of Buckler. While we cannot foresee the circumstances which would cause it, termination of your account means that your account has been closed and any content will be disposed of according to the terms above and as if you had cancelled your account. At our discretion, the annual storage option may not be made available to you under termination.

There may be times when we do not, in whole or in part, exercise the rights and provisions of our TOS. Not enforcing our TOS in no way waives any rights or provisions in our TOS or our right to enforce them now or in the future.

If you have a question about any of the Terms of Service, please contact us at info@buckler.com.