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Buckler gives CISOs a way to visually track, monitor, assign tasks and get alerts for staying ahead of compliance management.

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For regulated Enterprises, Agencies, and Branches in Financial Services, Buckler offers a Cybersecurity Policy Management System with all the elements to meet regulatory requirements. The innovative way a Buckler policy matches multiple policies from multiple regulations reduces the policy load and creates accurate alignment with regulations.

Core Values & Benefits

Filling a Business Need

Passion to Fix
Big Issues

A solution for managing policies as regulations increased and compliance got more complex.


As Buckler’s network of users grows, intelligence and best practices get generalized and shared with all.

Continuous Improvement

New features, deeper context and tools help simplify policy management to create industry relevance.


As regulations get updated, so does Buckler with alerts for easy, actionable reviews.

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From saving vast amounts of time to efficiently organizing policy management and meeting full compliance, Buckler sets firms up for internal and external audits creating a new level of cyber-readiness.


Evolution of Buckler

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2023 Q2
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Buckler 1.0 with NYDFS

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If you would like to speak to a Buckler representative, ask questions, or want to reference or write about what we are doing, please email us at press@buckler.app. For all other inquiries, visit our contact page.

The macro-level cyber landscape translates into increased cyber threats as cybercriminals are endlessly inventive in how they gain access and leverage to extort victims.

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