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All firms, regardless of size, thrive on adhering to the same cybersecurity standards. Buckler enables Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) and their clients to effectively manage Cyber Programs, Security Assessments, and Vendor Risk Management (VRM).

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For Experienced vCISOs Who Know their Cyber!

Get Listed as a vCISO in the Open VRM Vendor Directory

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Offer CPMS (Cyber Program Management Services) to your Clients using Buckler

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By Leveraging Buckler & Open VRM

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of Leveraging Buckler & Open VRM

Across Clients

Get your Assessment Questionnaire added to Buckler and reuse it with all your Clients.


Leverage Buckler task and event logs to review and better demonstrate compliance.


Reduce emails and file sharing with a comprehensive compliance portal.


Easily demonstrate your compliance with Cyber Regulations with Buckler and Open VRM.

Paul Osterberg

vCISO & Cyber Compliance Expert

“Having my own Security Assessment Questionnaire in Buckler is really efficient.”

The Value vCISOs Bring to Firms of All Sizes

The impartial expertise of a vCISO provides an additional layer of security for existing operations.

A firm may choose to engage a vCISO for a transition in the position, a need for outsourced security expertise, or to provide additional support to the current security team. By working with a vCISO, organizations:

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