Client Collaboration Enhances Product Usability and Performance

Buckler Launches a Beta Release of its Cyber Compliance Management System

COLUMBUS, June 8, 2020 – Bucker is pleased to announce the Beta Release of its Cyber Program Management System in the Financial Services Industry. After a year of development with clients’ direct input, the system has full-feature functionality as an online application. Buckler’s vision of creating a Cyber Program Management System comes to life. As a product concept that started with a Spreadsheet prototype and launched into a robust online application, the Buckler team wanted to first validate functionality and task flow in the market. With dozens of clients already onboard, Buckler has expanded to a full-featured product where users can now review, adopt and manage a template Cyber Program within the system. Continuous feedback loops drive the feature set to match industry expectations.

The key element and differentiator of Buckler is its policy matching methodology. The team at Buckler starts by analyzing regulatory documents, then simplifies, groups, matches and continuously updates policies into a simple coherent cyber program that allows clients to meet multiple cybersecurity regulations. With this approach, redundancy across regulations is eliminated and compliance is increased.

Another advantage of Buckler is that it groups all required documents into one integrated system: Information Security Policy, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan, and Incident Response Plan. Buckler also gives CISOs and Security Personnel a new way to visually track, monitor, assign tasks and get alerts for staying ahead of compliance management.