Working Directly with Clients Drives Faster Development

Buckler Initiates a Spreadsheet Prototype with Clients to Optimize Cyber Program Management

COLUMBUS, October 9, 2019 – Buckler, a Cyber Program Management prototype is launched from validated pain points around compliance management in the Financial Services Industry. Buckler is a spinoff from FCI, a leading MSSP offering cyber protection and compliance services for Financial Services organizations. Firms, branches, and agencies of all sizes must comply with the same regulatory requirements. That means creating procedures and keeping track of them to protect the firm, demonstrate compliance in the event of a breach, and prepare for potential audits from SEC, FINRA, State Auditors, or others.

The bottleneck teams, especially at small and mid-sized firms, run into is managing multiple regulations from multiple regulators and the overall program management of the tasks associated with the requirements. Buckler was created from searching for a product that could originally be recommended to meet the high demands and standards of the Financial Services Industry. When a suitable solution wasn’t found, Buckler was created.

The Buckler team started with a spreadsheet prototype shared with clients as a working document. As a range of clients provide input, the system gains deeper functionality and proves out the need for a better way to manage cyber programs. Many firms already have some level of cyber compliance. It’s the gaps, compliance across multiple regulations and adding efficiency between them that Buckler aims to solve as it moves towards full product status.