Value-Added Feature Guides Financial Services Clients to Stay on Track

Buckler Creates a Monthly Cyber Calendar that Alert – Firms to Review Key Program Areas

COLUMBUS, November 18, 2022 – Buckler, a Cyber Program Management System provider created a unique calendar feature in the system designed to give clients yet another way to stay on top of compliance demands. Regulations state there are certain periodic tasks that must be done to maintain compliance. Buckler’s system already offers organization of functions by dates, role (or user type), category and more but this new monthly calendar goes a step further by embedding the functionality into a monthly mapping so nothing is left out, or forgotten, over the course of a year’s cyber program.

The advantage of using how Buckler splits tasks over the year allows teams to spread out the workload of cyber program maintenance. Buckler will send themed monthly reminders to clients with an explanation and information about the themed topic. This functionality takes one more load off teams to remember what to do, and when. Users can also disable the feature and choose to create their own calendar (manually spreading tasks out over the year). Themes are one more value-added feature Buckler created to take the tediousness out of compliance management.